Crusade: Lahore, Pakistan

Crusade: Lahore, Pakistan

This was such a wonderful crusade!  I preached a real fiery evangelistic message that night.  That night 13,000 people showed up on the dirt field we rented for our crusade and there was such an atmosphere of expectancy for God to move mightily! I could hardly believe it, the people were so hungry for God.  You could literally sense the Holy Spirit hovering over that entire field the whole time we were there.  And although the radicals threatened our lives that night, it didn’t stop the Holy Spirit from pouring His love and His power all over those people that night.  It didn’t matter how young or how old, it seemed like everyone was getting touched that night.  It was a night I will never forget!

A father desperate for his new born to receive healing.



This woman who was overwhelmed with joy got completely delivered after being demon possessed for 5 years.



Leading the people in prayer as they respond to the invitation to accept Jesus.



Part of the crowd raising their hands to accept Jesus as Savior.



Hands raised everywhere accepting Jesus invitation to follow Him.




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