Final Report of our Pakistan Crusade

Final Report of our Pakistan Crusade

To all of our faithful partners,

Below is the report that our crusade director in Pakistan (Pastor Khalid Shaheen) sent to me.  We are so very grateful for what the Lord has done.  We give all the glory to Jesus!

Dear Evangelist Bernie and partners of BMM,

It is with great joy and privilege for me to send this report to you of the great harvest of souls that was reaped at our Pakistan Crusade.

We thank God that 4 days of evangelistic meetings have come to completion successfully and safely. We thank God for the mighty and wonderful things the Lord has done. Each night God moved mightily and a powerful anointing of the Lord was always present. There were thousands of Muslims who came to the meetings and made a public decision for the Lord and got healed.  Among the local churches there is such great joy and excitement to see these people saved and healed. Altogether in 4 nights of evangelistic meetings over 38000 people heard the clear message of the Gospel. Over 28000 people have made a decision for the Lord! We very much hope and trust that these people will be integrated in the local churches and many more new churches in surrounding villages will be established.  It is wonderful to know that the local pastors will do everything to hold on to these believers.

The Lord confirmed His word with great signs and wonders, healings and deliverance. Each night we heard faith building testimonies of God’s supernatural healing. Sunday, a boy name TAHIR who is 15 years old was mute since birth. In the meeting the Lord opened his tongue. The funny thing was, I asked him to repeat English words after me. His English words were clearer than his Urdu words. A friend of mine from the US clearly understood what he was speaking. He was jumping with joy. That brought so much joy and glory to God in the crowd. People were clapping and dancing to see this miracle. Another boy who was 8 years old and was born blind, his eyelids were completely closed that is until Jesus healed him! This was so amazing! His mother cried such happy tears for what the Lord had done!  A boy who is 10 years old had several small tumors in his stomach, got completely healed.  His mother raised up his shirt to show us. It was wonderful!  An elderly man who had been paralyzed for ten years and could not walk started walking to the pulpit. God has been so good to us!

Please pray:

  • For the follow up work
  • For Literature helping people to grow in the Lord
  • Financial support of the new church planters

God bless and thanks again for your prayers.

In His Service,

Pastor Khalid Shaheen


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