Partnership is Vital

Partnership is Vital

I was recently reflecting on how good God has been to us and yet at the same time how vital partnership is to our ministry.  While studying the word, I believe the Lord showed me something I hadn’t seen before.  From the very beginning of time God has placed us (mankind) on teams. The very first team was God and Adam. The scripture says they walked together daily in the cool of the day in the garden. Then God said, it’s not good for man to be alone, so He adds to “Team Adam” a helper or helpmate comparable to him, Eve.  We continually see this thread of “team” run all throughout scripture. Moses needed his brother Aaron and his spiritual son Joshua, Ruth needed Naomi, David needed Jonathan, Elijah needed Elisha, etc…But the greatest example of this is Jesus our Savior.  Even Jesus didn’t go at it alone. He had 12 ordinary guys, just like you and I that were hand picked by Him to be on his team.  We also learn that He expanded His team to “seventy others also.” After His death and resurrection, His team continued carrying on with His goal of bringing “His gospel to every creature” or as I like to say, “bringing salvation to the nations!”

Of course Paul the great apostle who wrote two-thirds of the New Testament also adopted this all to vital blue print of team ministry.  Paul had a “team” with him everywhere he went but he also had a team praying for him and supporting him so that he could fulfill the vision/mission that Jesus had given him.

As I reflected on this I realized in every area of life, whether it be sports or business, we all long to be apart of a team, especially a team that’s going somewhere and making a difference.

Therefore, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you first for being apart of “Gods team.” Secondly, for being apart of our team by way of helping us bring God’s word and His love to the nations.  We have a burning desire to see the nations saved! To see a “Blood washed earth!” But this would be impossible without your prayers and financial support.  However, we will never rest nor will we slow down.  We still have far to go, we have ton’s more to accomplish and we are desperate for more people to join “our team” to help us bring God’s eternal love and His precious Holy Spirit to the ends of the earth! After all, we know that “the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof…” This year, by faith, we are planning more Gospel Campaigns then we ever have in the past but we cannot do this with out you.  Please pray about helping us more and also, would you be so kind as to tell others about our ministry efforts and our “Soul Winning Campaigns?”

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May God bless all that you put your hands too!

Evangelist Bernie Moore


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