I hope you are having a fantastic week! God is so good! I just wanted to quickly share a few thoughts with you. As I was recently studying Gods word I got overwhelmed with the sense of just how powerful “The blood” is and just how much He really loves us.  Since the beginning of time, right after Adam and Eve sinned God was the first to have to slay an animal and use the skin of that animal to cover up the shame or the nakedness of man. Something had to die in order for man to live, albeit in a fallen state. Then we see Cain and Abel each bring God a sacrifice (Gen.4:3-10). Abel built an altar upon which he sacrificed the first born of his flock and presented his offering to God, which God accepted! Cain on the other hand, brought God some fruit, which God obviously, was not pleased with.  Shortly after, we see Cain murder Abel out of Jealously of God accepting his brothers sacrifice rather than his. When God was looking for Abel, He asked Cain “where is your brother Abel?  His blood is crying out to Me!”  Although, Abel was dead, his blood was still speaking!

Years later we come across God telling Moses to slay an oxen and sprinkle part of the blood of that oxen on the altar (which represented God) and the other part on the people (Ex.24:6-8). Yeah, the sprinkling of blood on the altar is one thing, we can handle that, but to sprinkle the blood of an ox on the people is quite unusual. But that is what the Lord commanded Moses to do and so without hesitation Moses did it.

While I was doing quite a bit of study on this peculiar topic of Moses sprinkling blood on people, (which by the way, was the only time in scripture where blood was literally sprinkled on people) I came to realize that this was Gods chosen method to let His people know that not only had He accepted them but this was the only possible way to “seal” His covenant with His chosen people. Talk was cheap! So God decided to use something much more valuable. “The Blood!” So Moses intervened on behalf of Gods chosen people! He sprinkled blood on the altar, which represented God accepting Moses sacrifice and then sprinkled it on the people, which represented God accepting His chosen people. Covenant was established!

Fast forward to years later and thousands upon thousands of sins, mistakes and mishaps and God realized that He needed someone more powerful than Moses or any king or any prophet to “SAVE” His people. The blood of countless bulls, goats and lambs were useless as well (Heb.10:4). So God decided to build his own altar on a hill called “Golgotha” or “Calvary”. There He gave all humanity, not just His chosen people, but all humanity an offering of sacrifice that would eradicate everyone’s past, present and future sins. He would send us His One and only spotless lamb that would shed His blood to save us, to heal us, to cleanse us, to set us free, to redeem us, to deliver us and to bring us into a “COVENANT RELATIONSHIP” once and for all! After this, there would be no need for any more sacrifices! God has “sprinkled” the blood of His own Son on all creation! The Great High Priest has rescued us all! Through Jesus blood the chains have been broken and we have been set free!  ~Romans 10:13 – For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”  PRAISE GOD, His love and mercy endures forever!!!!

All for souls,

Your friend,


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