Report Night 2 in Zaheerabad, India

Report Night 2 in Zaheerabad, India

Tonight was our second night our “Soul Winning Campaign” here in Zaheerabad, India. Thousands gathered here on the dirt field that also serves as the cities local cricket field. I spoke tonight on Nicodemus verse the “Rich young ruler.” Interestingly enough, they both had lots in common. They were both very wealthy; they both had experienced great success; Nicodemus was a very prominent ruler amongst the Jews (John 3:10), but we are not as clear on what the rich young ruler was a ruler of, we just know that the scripture declares him to be a ruler.  But in any case, both of these leaders possessed good reputations and had climbed their respective ladders of success. They both shared a tremendous amount achievement. Their only disparity was their age. Nicodemus was an older gentleman who scholars believe had to be somewhere in his 60’s or 70’s; where the “Rich young ruler” was probably in his late 20’s.

But both of these guys had a void in their hearts that money, reputations, success, achievement, etc…could not fill. They were both looking for someone to fill their voids that were left in their hearts/souls from birth. They both came to Jesus with the same question, “What must I do to be saved?” Unfortunately, only one of them took Jesus at His word. It was Nicodemus. The scripture declares that the “Rich young ruler” made the biggest mistake of his young life; he walked away from Jesus because of his possessions. The bible said he had great possessions. His possessions cost him eternity with His savior. The question is: will it cost you? I asked the precious people tonight, who’s lead would they follow. What camp will they choose? This question demands an answer. It also has eternal significance.

Thousands of hands shot up like rockets. The people, filled with holy conviction, chose to follow Jesus! Their hearts and faces lit up light with sheer excitement like the fire works on New Years Eve. Tonight these precious people began their journeys with Jesus! Praise God

Thank you for praying for me. I really covet your prayers. Thank you for helping us reach the lost of this world. It certainly will not go unnoticed!

Together in His harvest,

Your friend,


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