100,000 Souls!

100,000 Souls!

Dear friends,

As we embark on a new year I have been burdened with a Heavenly desire from God! I firmly believe the Lord has given me the strong desire to see over 100,000 people come to Jesus through our “Soul WInning Campaign” efforts. Because of this insatiable desire to win over 100,000 people to Jesus our ministry is planning more “Soul Winning Campaigns” this year then we ever have in the past. Also, I am humbly, yet unashamedly asking you to do 3 things:

1.) Please pray for us daily.Specifically, pray that God will always guide us and of course, that He would be glorified in all that we do! Also, please pray for divine favor in every third world country we hold our “Soul Winning Campaigns” in. 

2.) Please pray about helping us in any way possibleOur “Soul Winning Campaigns” cost roughly 40/K – 45/K and we really need your financial help! Please pray about partnering with us for the next 12 months3.) Please help spread the word about our “Soul Winning Campaign” efforts around the world. Those with whom you have relationships with i.e. family, friends, business associates, pastors, leaders etc…We need your help! Together, by faith, we will make an eternal difference in the lives of over 100,000 people!

Our first “Soul Winning Campaign” is next month (February) in the city of Paidha, an area of the Congo, which is in Northern Uganda. Then in March, we head to Kenya. In April we are back in India and in May we head to Southern Brazil, the port city of Paranagua.

We love you and are committed to praying for you this year!

All for souls!
Your friend and fellow Co-Laborer,

Bernie Moore