“Soul Winning Campaign” in Paidha, Uganda

“Soul Winning Campaign” in Paidha, Uganda

This past week our ministry conducted our “Soul Winning Campaign” in the city of Paidha, located right next to the Congo in Northern Uganda. Over three nights we saw over 125,000 people attend our crusade and hear the Gospel for the very first time. On the last night of the crusade my crusade director told me that the reason he picked this city is because for years this is the very city where the horrific warlord Joseph Kony had made his headquarters. He said the people of Paidha have truly been forgotten about. He told me that none of the pastors, evangelists or ministers would come this far north to do any ministry because they are all afraid of Joseph Kony. This is the first time this city has ever had a Gospel crusade. The mayor of the city of Paidha came out to the crusade along with members of congress, and graciously thanked us for investing into his city. He said after our crusade, he was renaming the city “Paidha for Jesus” because Jesus has surely visited his city!

Over these past 3 nights we saw over 50,000 people give their hearts to Jesus!Praise God for this! This was by far the biggest crusade we have ever had! The only problem I now face is these precious pastors are begging us to go to other countries, cities, and villages. They say it wouldn’t be fair if they were the only ones to experience this awesome Jesus! I promised them that I would continue to go. This is my calling! But of course, I need your help!  We must not forget these precious people! They are so passionately in love with Jesus. I feel together you and I must go bring them the “Eternal bread of Life!”

I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for helping make this crusade a reality. I know it’s not easy but the rewards for your giving and our labor of love is breathtaking and they are eternal. One day an African man or woman or a little boy or girl will greet you in Heaven and thank you for giving toward this crusade. Because of your generosity we were able go and share Jesus and they were able to simply say, “yes” to Jesus!

Now, in two weeks, it’s on to Nairobi, Kenya for another “Soul Winning Campaign!” I pray Gods wonderful blessings consume you!

All for souls!

Your friend and Co-Laborer,


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