Guatemala Crusade – Experiencing The Miraculous!

Guatemala Crusade – Experiencing The Miraculous!

Praise Jesus!

We had an absolutely wonderful time in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Over the two nights we saw nearly 12,000 people attend our Gospel Crusade with thousands giving their hearts to Jesus. So many received physical healing, I was astonished! Of all of the wonderful healing’s that took place, there are two that I would like to highlight:

  • A ten year old little boy who at the age of three had his tonsils removed. The boys father told us, that during the surgery the boy wound up loosing his hearing in both ears. The doctors and medical facilities are obviously not as good as we have here in the USA and there was nothing that anyone could do. So they sent the little three year old boy home deaf in both ears. During the prayer for the sick, the father said his little boy started pulling on his shirt and saying, “Papa, Papa, I can hear! Papa, I can hear!!!!” They both cried tears of great joy! The great physician, our Jesus, performed His own surgery and healed that precious little boy! The crowd went crazy! I tested his hearing out several times and sure enough each time my translator whispered something to him, he repeated it! Praise Jesus!!!!
  • An older lady suffered a stroke 6 years ago and her son brought her to the crusade in a wheel chair. Once again, during the prayer for the sick, this precious lady felt a fire go through her and she got up out of her wheel chair and began to walk! That’s right, she began to walk. As a matter of fact, she walked right out of the stadium! Praise God! How can anyone not believe that healing is for today? What a mighty God we serve!

Thank you once again for all that you do to help us build Gods Kingdom! We are certainly in this together! Let’s continue to do all that we can to win as many souls as we can to Jesus!

Set ablaze for Jesus!

Your friend and Co-laborer,

Bernie Moore