The heart behind this week-long evangelistic intensive is to pour out my personal experiences, all I’ve learned through my 16 plus years of traveling the globe and holding open-air Gospel Crusades. We’ve held our Gospel Campaigns in some of the most difficult nations of the earth, from all over Africa, India, Pakistan as well as many other nations. But the Lord has been with us every step of the way! The Holy Spirit has been with us, He’s led us, He’s guided our every step, whether in the light or in the dark, the presence and power of the Holy Spirit has been ever-present with us! It’s not been easy, there’ve been numerous lonely nights, multitudes of tears shed, countless sleepless nights, and prayers prayed but through it all, the Holy Spirit without question has been my guide, my comforter and best friend.

So it’s my desire to see this broken world, flooded with God’s greatest treasure, His lost sons and daughters to come back home….to Him! To find true, pure, undefiled, selfless, and holy love! It’s Him! He’s our prized possession! He’s our everything. He’s the world’s greatest hope! Jesus, His One and only Son is waiting for creation to call upon Him. I realize that the only way to do this in the most effective and efficient way is to train up other fellow believers, filled with the same desire, the same passion, the same mindset. This deep desire to see the world saved has led me to conduct a week-long evangelism intensive. I want to open up my life, my heart and share my evangelistic experiences with all who feel called to soul-winning, global evangelism and missions. This week is geared toward the seasoned believer. Those filled with the Holy Spirit and who are doctrinally sound. Those individuals who burn for Him, nothing else but Him! Yes! This without question will be a life-changing experience. It’s just one week! Are you ready? If so take a moment to fill out the application. We can’t wait to see you at the end of May!