Join us in bringing Salvation To The Nations.

By Gods amazing grace, we have witnessed over 1,100,000 precious souls come into the Kingdom through our Global Gospel Crusade efforts. For this, we give God all the glory!

We are headed to north western Uganda, in the city of Arua. We will actually be near the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are being told that this may actually be our biggest Gospel Crusade we have ever conducted. For weeks now our team on the ground has been very hard at work securing all the permits for the huge field we’ve had to rent in anticipation of the massive crowds of hungry people we are believing will be there, as well as all of the sound equipment, generators, lighting, staging, advertising, transportation and so much more.


So I’m asking all of you to please pray for us! There are actually many prayer needs we have when putting together a big Gospel Crusade like this but here are three main points of prayer that I’m kindly asking from you:


Please pray for hundreds of thousands of precious people to open their hearts to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior


Please pray for great weather. Our crusades are always outdoors and so obviously weather plays a huge factor


Please pray that we will not have any issues with any of our equipment.  Thank you all in advance!


All for Jesus!



Discover the heart & mission of Bernie Moore Ministries. 228,100 souls came to the Lord in our gospel crusades in 2016! We have seen over 800,000 souls surrender to the Lord during our Mission 36:1 campaign  and now over 1,000,000 souls won to the Lord since the beginning of our ministry!



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There is no possible way we could do what we do each year to affect the nations of the world without sacrifices made by our partners. Learn how you can join BMM by becoming a partner. With your help, we can together fulfill the mission of the taking the gospel to every nation. God bless you for all you do!


What Moves Us.

From vision to action: It is our passion to conduct open-air crusades so that no matter what your religious background, all will feel welcomed to hear a message on the saving power of the Gospel! We feel it is important to work with and through local churches in every region, city, town, and village in which we go. Evangelist Bernie will speak in churches, conferences, camp meetings, crusades, or wherever the Holy Spirit allows him to go.

A Word From Reinhard Bonnke

Bernie Moore is a true man of God, mightily anointed and has a burning heart for the lost to be saved. He is a man of integrity, a powerful preacher and I recommend him highly to all God’s people.


Open air crusades make a difference as we reach who many consider the unreachable. They have a thirst for the truth and are seeking God more than you might realize.